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Grid Link


Project Update - March 2015

On 27th March 2015, EirGrid published Your Grid, Your Views, Your Tomorrow, a new, draft strategy for the development of Ireland’s transmission grid.

You can read the document, and provide your comments and feedback here.

This discussion paper confirms the need for the Grid Link Project remains, but changing demand forecasts, upgrades to existing lines and advances in technology make new options possible. In addition to the previously published HVAC overhead line option, two new options have been identified for the Grid Link Project including using underground cable technology and a technology called series compensation which allows for increased capacity using existing infrastructure.   

EirGrid will examine the possible options for the Grid Link Project, with a view to making a submission to the Government’s Independent Expert Panel in Autumn 2015. 

Project Update – December 2014

In January EirGrid committed to carrying out a comprehensive review of our public consultation process in light of criticisms we had received during our last public consultation on the Grid Link Project.

We have now published this review, which includes two independent studies that we commissioned to evaluate our consultation process.

Although the review has found that EirGrid’s approach to public consultation met European and international standards, it also sets out where we fell short of what people expected from us and how we are responding.

Included in our report are a number of recommendations designed to enhance future public consultations, including on the Grid Link Project.

These include independently chaired Regional Discussion Forums, a Consultation Toolkit to enable communities to participate more effectively in public consultation, a Complaints Procedure and a new Consultation Handbook and training for EirGrid staff.

We are also continuing to examine the best way to deliver Grid Link using underground technology. In January, EirGrid committed to conducting a detailed analysis of undergrounding for the Grid Link Project. 

Studies are underway to identify the best possible underground cable route and overhead line route for the Grid Link Project. We expect to be able to publish both of these options by mid-2015. 

The underground and overhead route options will then go out to public consultation with the advantages and disadvantages of both being clearly explained. 

This will then be reviewed by the Independent Expert Panel set up by the Government to ensure that the overhead and underground options for the project are assessed in a fair and transparent manner.

Project Update - September 2014

EirGrid is continuing to work to respond to the submissions received as part of last year's public consultation on the Grid Link Project.

While everyone who made a submission is getting a personal response that addresses the issues they raised, we have also produced a EirGrid response to key themes on the Grid Link Project  to provide additional information to anyone who made a submission.

Project Update - June 2014

EirGrid will work with the Government-appointed Independent Expert Panel to assess underground and overhead options, and is currently working to identify underground and overhead routes for the project, before we proceed to the next stages of project development.

We do not intend to make a planning application for the Grid Link Project to An Bord Pleanála before 2016.

To provide the public with assurance that this analysis is carried out in a fair and objective manner former Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Pat Rabbitte T.D. appointed an independent panel of experts, chaired by former Supreme Court Justice Catherine McGuinness.

EirGrid is continuing to respond to over 35,000 submissions received during the public consultation on the Grid Link Project and many of those who sent in feedback will be receiving responses in the coming weeks.  

Project Update – February 2014

EirGrid thanks everyone who participated in the most recent focused period of consultation on the Grid Link Project.

All of the submissions we received are currently being examined by our project team.

You can find out more about how submissions to the Grid Link Project are being processed here.

Once a thorough and detailed examination of all the submissions has been completed, a consultation report will be published on the project website.

We will respond to all correspondence as quickly as possible over the coming weeks and months, and we thank you for your patience.


End of Consultation - January 2014

The third round of public consultation on the Grid Link Project ended on Tuesday, 7th January 2014 at 5pm.

A detailed and thorough examination will be now carried out of all submissions received. A report on all feedback received during this period of consultation will be published on our website.

The feedback will be used by the project team to evaluate the different corridors and to select the least constrained corridor, which will itself go out to public consultation after it is identified in the middle of this year.

The least constrained corridor is the one that achieves the most acceptable balance between competing constraints while meeting the needs of the project.

Though the third round of consultation has ended, the information centres, phone line, postal address and email will continue to be in operation as the project is developed.

The Grid Link Project is an estimated €500 million investment in the national electricity grid linking Leinster and Munster. The project consists of a new high voltage overhead power line linking Knockraha in Co. Cork to Great Island in Co. Wexford to Dunstown, near Kilcullen, in Co. Kildare ensuring a reliable and high quality electricity supply for homes, farms and businesses in the south and east region for the future.

 It is a vital development for the region and will deliver a wide range of benefits including:

• Helping to secure a future electricity supply for Leinster and Munster

• Providing a platform for job creation in the south and east of Ireland

• Helping to enable Ireland meet its 40% renewable electricity target

• Facilitating possible electricity links with either Britain or France.

What stage is the project at now?


• EirGrid’s project team has identified a number of 1km route corridor options and substation zones for the Grid Link Project and has published it's Third Consultation Information Brochure

• The project team used desk-top studies and site visits, along with expert input and consultation feedback to develop route corridor options and substation zones. The results of their findings are published in the Stage One Report

• A period of focused consultation on the Stage One report has now concluded. Since the project was launched in April 2012 EirGrid has organised 33 Open Days, attended more than 120 events, taken out extensive advertising in the local and national media and held a range of meetings and briefings with interested groups to encourage members of the public to participate in the three consultations to date.

The project is at an early stage and the identification of route corridor options is a key opportunity for public input as no decisions have been made regarding the route of the overhead line.

Next Steps

In 2014, EirGrid will identify a least constrained corridor option for the Grid Link Project from the corridor options presented in this consultation. Within this 1km corridor an indicative line route will be developed. Substation sites at Knockraha, Co. Cork, Great Island, Co. Wexford and Dunstown, Co. Kildare will also be identified. EirGrid does not expect to submit an application to An Bord Pleanála for planning approval before 2016.

 Feasible 1km Route Corridors Options

There are two ways to view the Route Corridor Maps

1. Use Google Maps below and click on the link below for a larger Map

2. Download the maps to your computer under the map below

Grid Link 1km Feasible Corridor Options Map 1 of 6

Grid Link 1km Feasible Corridor Options Map 2 of 6

Grid Link 1km Feasible Corridor Options Map 3 of 6

Grid Link 1km Feasible Corridor Options Map 4 of 6

Grid Link 1km Feasible Corridor Options Map 5 of 6

Grid Link 1km Feasible Corridor Options Map 6 of 6

To date, the Grid Link Project team has:

  • Identified the proposed project study area. See the April 2012 Study Area Paper
  • Published the Consultation 1 Report, the focus of which was the feedback received on the identification of the Study Area
  • Published the Constraints Report in August 2012, outlining all the factors that need to be considered in identifying the route corridor options.
  • Following the public consultation on the identified constraints we published the Consultation 2 Report.
  • Published the  Stage One Report and are hosting a series of public information events throughout the region for the public to meet the project team.


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