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East-West Interconnector. This project will: enhance security of supply, facilitate increased competition, assist growth in renewable energy, enable direct access to the larger UK market.

Project Activity

Project Completed

The East-West Interconnector connects the Irish power system to the electricity grid in Britain through undersea and underground cables. This infrastructure is vital to the development of Ireland's economy. Construction and installation of the Interconnector is now complete and the Interconnector is currently operating.

Thank you to everyone in Flint, Prestatyn, Fingal and Meath for their understanding and patience during the construction work.

For information in relation to trading on the East West Interconnector, see

Project Update December 2012

In the high court challenge taken by Rush Community Council, Mr Justice Peart,  found that the Interconnector was not operating outside its planning permission and dismissed the action. The Judge stated that there was a “complete absence of any evidence of health risks associated with the Interconnector”.

Furthermore the judge commented that:

"I understand completely the concerns of residents who do no have any knowledge of the science of electricity and who know that a high voltage electric cable is buried one meter beneath their roads and streets and it is natural that they would investigate and make inquiries about any known risks to public health. But they should not, having made those necessary inquiries, ignore the reality of the advices they receive. Several expert reports have been provided to them by way of reassurance."
Justice Peart added “ is reasonable for them to seek answers and information. But what is not reasonable in my view is to then ignore the information and answers given”. 

Download full Judgment of Mr. Justice Peart against Rush Community Council 

A number of independent reports were completed in relation to health and safety of the Interconnector.  

A report was commissioned by the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, provided by Eric van Rongen, PhD, see report

A second report was commissioned by Rush Community Council and EirGrid, to view the full version of the independent KEMA safety report, click here .

Ongoing monitoring

Measurements taken during the testing of the Interconnector have confirmed that the Interconnector is well below the ICNIRP Guidelines for limiting exposure to time-varying Electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields, as endorsed by the Irish Government.

This information has been provided to the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR) and a monitoring committee is being established by DCENR.

If you have any questions in relation to the project please contact EirGrid Customer Relations on +353 (0)1 702 6642 or at

Sponsorship of St Maurs GAA

EirGrid are delighted to be involved in a number of community projects in Fingal and Meath. On Friday 23rd September a team from EirGrid attended a very enjoyable night in St. Maur's GAA to celebrate the reopening of the clubhouse following the roof refurbishment project. It was fantastic to see the improvement the new roof has made to the clubhouse and also to witness the great spirit among all those involved in the club. 

Not only will the new roof keep the rain out, it will improve energy-efficiency, minimising running costs and reducing carbon emissions which are key issues for the energy section in which we operate. We wish all the teams and members continued success and all the very best.  

EirGrid Community Fund Awards Grants

A total of 39 community groups from Ballyboughal and Rush were awarded grants under the EirGrid Community Fund.

The grants were presented to the Fingal clubs and associations who attended an evening event in the Bracken Court Hotel on Thursday 5th May. The evening was very enjoyable, with great excitement about the projects that will now be possible as a result of the funding. For a full list of clubs, see EirGrid Fingal Community Awards .

The EirGrid Community Fund was established in respect of the temporary disruption that residents in Fingal have experienced during the installation of the East West Interconnector and was administered by the Funding & Information Unit of Fingal County Council. 

Speaking on behalf of the East West Interconnector team, EirGrid Project Director John Fitzgerald said EirGrid fully appreciated the patience of the community throughout the works.

Project Activity

Licences and funding

This project is licenced by the energy regulators in both Ireland and the UK:

  • Commission for Energy Regulation (Ireland)
  • OFGEM (UK)

The flag of the European Union

This project has been part funded by the EU TEN-E Initiative.

The East West Interconnector will represent an investment of €600 million. EirGrid were granted a loan of up to €300 million  from the European Investment Bank.

The balance of the EirGrid East West Interconnector will be funded by a combination of further capital investment from commercial banks, EirGrid equity and a €110 million grant from the EU Commission for interconnection.


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